About us

Founded by Husband and Wife. We added an “N” in the middle to sound out our Son's name (Kai): Ben & Kai… that’s the story of our name. Kai inspired us to do what we've always wanted to do and here's how...


How it Started 

  1. In 2017 my husband and I were expecting and we were both unhappy with our careers. We wanted to make a change before our son, Kai would arrive. It finally hit us and we knew what we wanted to do. 
  2. Create & Find Products that we could actually use. Find a way to give back and do my part. Build our own path so that when Kai sees the legacy name we are building for him he'll be proud to be a part of it.
  3. First Hit It all started with a Beanie. Launching within a Birchbox campaign got our new brand in front of thousands of new eyes. 
Core Values: 

  • Product that WOW us!
  • Are giftable 
  • Solve a problem  
  • Are made in a sustainable way
  • Give back! After every purchase

Givings Back: 

  • Sustainable Product Development is a #1 goal however we realize there is only so much we can control on the development side. Therefore, we have made it a point to donate a percent after every purchase to support various organizations that dedicate their time in efforts to find Innovative Clean Energy Sources like ITIF. What Happens Next: Our promise to you is to continue to create and find an exciting product that you can enjoy. 

About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us